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Fulbright Philippines

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PAEF was established through an executive agreement signed by the governments of the United States and the Philippines on March 23, 1948 to carry out educational exchanges involving students, academics and professionals from both countries. Since 1948, Fulbright grants have been awarded to nearly 3,000 Filipinos and close to 1,000 Americans for graduate degree study, teaching and research in the Philippines and the United States. Close to 400 graduate degree awards and 2,000 non-degree grants have been given to Filipinos through the East-West Center program. Another 70 Filipino professionals have gone to the United States on Humphrey fellowships. The Philippine program is the world’s longest continuing Fulbright program. It has enriched several generations of Filipinos and Americans. Living in a different culture, forming lasting friendships with colleagues in foreign countries and sharing new horizons are all part of what has come to be known as the “Fulbright experience.”.