Thomasian Alumni Leaders Association

Ban Joseph Ang

President, Thomasian Alumni Leaders Association

An experienced business and thought leader, known for excellence and highly effective performance. He has led organizations toward successful business turnarounds. A recipient of several awards and distinction in leadership and business. A renown resource speaker and professional coach. He has helped several institutions and organizations for more than 15 years
delivering trainings and business consultancy.

He is currently the director of operational excellence for Asia Pacific of one of the leading global healthcare companies.


A cohesive, pro-active and vibrant alumni association that effectively serves its Alma Mater, the alumni, the country and the Church


To further develop community leaders and maintain relationships established through Leadership Training in UST; To further develop community leaders, connect graduates with local community service opportunities, and maintain relationships established; To select and develop area high school and college Juniors  who recognize and comprehend community challenges and foster leadership qualities and skills; Serves to help newcomers to UST TALA develop a better understanding of Thomasian Leadership Values and encourage them to take a more active role in community issues