UST Golden Cross and Saber Alumni Association, Inc.

Rodrigo De Mesa

Rodrigo Dizon de Mesa, born and raised in Manila graduated from the University of Sto Tomas in 1988 with the degree of BS Biology. During his college years, he did his study in BS Biology while undergoing the rigid training of the School for Cadet Officer (SCO), Reserve Officer Training Course (ROTC). Back then, you would see Dr de Mesa in 1st sem of SY 1984-1885 in his Science Uniform with his upper polo neatly tucked-in under close-colar, carrying his “bayong” bag, with a marine haircut, his body as rigid as a log, and at all times always moving on-double time. After graduating in the SCO, Dr de Mesa became an officer of the ROTC. He finished the 4-year ROTC Advance Program and graduated as the UST Corps of Cadets Corps Commander for Class 1988 and President of the Corps Commander Association, 2nd MCMTC, AFP also in 1988.

After BS Biology, Dr de Mesa continued his study at the Perpetual Help College of Medicine and became a doctor in 1992, finished his General Surgery training at VLuna Medical Center in 2000, finished his Masters in Public Administration at the Mindanao State University in 2008, coompleted his 1st Doctorate Degree in Communication at the University of the Philippines Open University in 2018, and at present a student in the Bicol University studying for PhD in Peace and Security Administration aiming to finish his 2nd Doctorate Degree in 2022.

The life at UST having both career in BS Biology and ROTC inspired Dr de Mesa to enter the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). In 1995, Dr de Mesa entered the AFP with the rank of P2LT assigned in Mactan Airbase Hospital, Cebu, Andrew Airbase Hospital, Zamboanga, and at the 15th Strike Wing Hospital, Cavite City. In 1996, he entered General Surgery Residency Program and graduated in 2000. Subsequently, he was sent to East Timor under the UN Peacekeeping Forces of the AFP. Then there after, he was assigned at the 6th ID Infantry Division Hospital, Camp Awang D.O.S. Maguindanao. Then he was assigned to the Army General Hospital, Fort Bonifacio Taguig, then assigned to Liberia Africa under the United Nations Peacekeeping, afterwards sent to Camp Busbus and Camp Asturia, 1st ID, Jolo Sulu. He resigned from the AFP after 15 years of military service. After the military, he went abroad as Offshore Medical Officer and as Diving Medical Officer up to the present time and travelled many countries: Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE, India, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United States of America, Scotland UK, Malaysia, Indonesia, Qatar, and Singapore. While in Ph, Dr de Mesa participates in surgery at the Manila Naval Hospital, Army General Hospital, and VLuna Medical Center. He also take seriously teaching students both for military and non-military as freelance consultant and researcher since 2016 to present.

Dr. de Mesa is blessed to be married to Ms Jasmine Navera de Mesa, who is a Supervisor Nurse at VLuna Medical Center and is the Assistant Commandant of the UST ROTC since 2012 to present time. He is given in God grace 3 children: Rx, Rc, and Rw.

Presently as President, called as National Commander, of the UST Golden Cross and Saber Alumni Association Inc, Dr de Mesa introduced the Road Map to the BOD for the Association. Together with his BOD, he wrote the USTGCSAAI briefing as Phase 1 that contained the mission, vision, objectives, capabilities, plans etc of the USTGCSAAI. In Phase 2, the aim was to have an updated records of all members and be re-connected. Phase 3 would yield how much the organization stands on member dues and other payables/finances. Phase 4 will be done for continuity and sustainability. With the use of ICT, all members of the USTGCSAAI will forever be connected with each other. And be true to the organization’s motto of ‘Muy Leal’, Very Loyal.”


Reach out and be connected to all ladies and gentlemen of the finest order.


Achieve camaraderie among members of the association in the spirit of friendship, respect and assistance.