UST Graduate School Alumni and Grants Association, Inc.

Fernando Pedrosa

Professor, UST Graduate School
President, GS Alumni & Grants Assoc. Inc.
Asst. Sec., UST AAI
Member, GS Ethics Review Committee

Degrees obtained from UST:
S.Th. B, 1977; Ll. B., 1985; MA HRS, 1999; Ph. D. DEVS, 2004

Previous positions:
UST Dept. of Social Sciences chair (2006-2012); CRS Social Sciences coordinator, 1990-2015; faculty, College of Science, 1977- 1990; faculty, CRS, 1990-2015; GS ERC chair, 2013-2017; vice pres. Bioethics Society of the Phil., 2010-2015; founding pres. Organization of Social Sciences Educators of the Phil., Inc., 2006-2015.


A solid strong and vibrant alumni association that actively links the UST Graduate School to its alumni in their pursuit of holistic development, professional excellence and integrity; and unconditional social responsibility.


Mindful of the rich historical tradition of the UST Graduate School, the first in Southeast Asia, the GSAGAI affirms itself of being a dynamic partner in safeguarding and enhancing the Thomasian culture and core values among its alumni, across all borders; and instilling in them a sense of commitment to their alma mater.