UST Philets and Artlets Alumni Association, Inc.

Henry S. Tenedero

President, UST Philets and Artlets Alumni Association, Inc.

Dean Henry S. Tenedero is the Chairman of the UST Alumni Association, Inc, President. UST Faculty of Arts and Letters Alumni Association. Dean for Life Skills Program at St. Clare College and President of Education For All Development Center. He was the 2015 President of the Philippine Marketing Association and the Director of International Learning Styles Network based in the US, Asia Pacifjc and Scandinavia. He is s product of the University of Santo Tomas, Asian Institute of Management, Harvard University’s Multiple Intelligence and a Visiting Fellow on Refugee Studies at Georgetown and Oxford Universities.

He is the author of educationally inspiring books like Breaking the IQ Myth. Super Teacher Excellent in Teaching; Breakthrough Ideas in Education; Cooking Up a Creative Genius; Aha! I Gotcha!; Using Passion and Laughter in Your Presentations, among others. All of these books are being revised and will soon be available in ebook format. A proud Angelpreneur, he believes that between hope & despair, education is still the best equalizer. Success is a combination of IQ (talino) + EQ (puso) + DQ (diskarte).


A collaborative and dynamic alumni association that actively and effectively serves the Faculty of Arts & Letters, the University, the community, the country and the Church.


The UST Philets & Artlets Alumni Association, Inc. commits to foster cohesiveness among its alumni, to advocate the values that the university upholds, and to be closely connected with the UST Alumni Association, Inc.