AAIG 2021 Summit Transcript – Dr. Fe A. Hidalgo


Three years ago the, first three-day summit of Alumni – Academe – Industry and Government (AAIG) met towards a strategic move for collaborative and inclusive public and private sector partnership in development. We had high hopes that the movement was the beginning of a more progressive initiative for development and that we will see more progressive initiatives, more fellows and scholars as well. As we move towards more productive partnerships and networks in the immediate future and in the long term journey for progress, our coming together in this second summit is a fulfillment of what we had hoped for the long journey for progress which is here very much today. As we begin our discourse, let me share with you an inspiring quote to begin with. “The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order.” I wish you all a pleasant gathering and a very productive gathering as well. Thank you.